Challenges are like fire

IMG_6187 2

Challenges are like fire

Recently I watched a documentary about Iris Apfel, fashion icon, where she always talked about getting better on the things that we are good for, so that got stocked into my mind for a while and I realized that we spend so much time wishing things and never make them happen. So I wanted to change that and I really want to work for what I desire and want to learn.

As these is the case, I wanted to start with my photography skills doing a 52 weeks challenge. I am not a professional and some months ago I still used to shoot in automatic mode (shame on me), but is one of my hobbies that I love and I´ve been trying to improve. There is something about a new year that makes everybody want to set new goals, but everyday is the perfect day to start and improve, is just a matter of setting on the fire inside of you to work with your passions.

Doing a 52 weeks challenge is hard, I know I should not give up and I wont, I will just slightly change the imposition. Because I realized that I just started to do the picture to fill all my week with photos, but without really think about every one of them. I will keep posting pictures when I think I learn something and I want to share with the world. 



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